Family Foundations Camp 2024


Family Foundations Camp 2024


A transformative family adventure that blends entrepreneurship, generational success,
and deep connection.


Foundations Family Camp Fall
Santa Fe, New Mexico | Sept 12th -15th

Create lasting memories and life-changing practices that you can return to again and again
as a guidepost for your family life.










Learn more about our
all-inclusive outdoor experience from one of
our Co-Founders, Nate Robbins.


This isn’t just a summer camp.

If you’re only looking for a quick getaway or escape, this experience probably isn’t for you and your family. 

We’ve specifically designed our camp to bridge the gap between a unique outdoor adventure, with the foundational components every family needs to know for their entrepreneurial and success journey. 

Surround yourself with other families who are striving for success in all areas of their lives, and learn the essential tools, tactics, and strategies that’ll catapult you forward and set yourself up for a lifetime of accelerated growth. 

With our all-inclusive design, spend less time on logistics, and more time focusing on your children, relationships, and personal goals that’ll allow you to grow your life to the next level. 



Meet Our Speakers

Mike and Lindsay McCarthy

“The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families”

Co authors of, “The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families” and “The Accompanying Playbook”. Mike and Lindsay will guide us through exercises and the program they have designed for families with their playbook to have better habits and a more unified family.

On top of being an author of multiple books, Mike is also CEO & co-founder of GoBundance & Fambundance, two of the largest mastermind groups in the world, that have men, women and family driven groups.

AJ and Tessa Osborne

“Social Media Family Contract” and “Successfully Integrating Family into your Business”

AJ is a best selling author for his book, “The Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in Self Storage: The Step-By-Step Playbook for Turning a Real Estate Asset Into a Thriving Self Storage Business”. AJ owns over 3 million square in Self Storage facilities, has the largest self storage podcast and hosts 2 other podcasts. AJ also is on the founding board of the largest self storage software platform.

Rich and Kathy Fettke

“Family Coaching and Communication”

Kathy Fettke:

Kathy is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. She is a best selling author and host of two podcasts & co-hosts for BiggerPockets.

Rich Fettke:

Author Rich Fettke, is a Business coach and founder of the RealWealth Network. Rich is also the former CEO of a large health club franchise. Rich has been featured in such media as USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

Ryan Kennedy

"Morning breath work sessions"

Join Ryan for an incredible breath work journey where you will release stored trauma, emotional baggage, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  This powerful practice will reconnect you with deeper love and quiet the ego so you can do deep healing leaving you feeling light, grounded, and recentered.  The style of deep breathing Ryan teaches is one of the most powerful tools to facilitate personal growth and emotional breakthroughs in as little as 1 session. Many of his students describe it as “10 years of therapy in 1 hour”


Our Programs

Our camp is designed for everyone. Learn more about the different programs you and your family will experience during your stay.

Youth Entrepreneurs

A specialized experience designed to foster entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in a fun way!

  • 3-Day Curriculum designed by Tessa Osborne, founder of a K-12 Business Private School

  • Interactive, hands-on, and age-specific groups

  • Program focuses on branding, leadership, problem-solving, mindset and resourcefulness

Adult Interactive Seminars

3 days of mastermind sessions with other parents that explores best family practices.

  • “The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families” and accompanying playbook led by authors Mike and Lindsay McCarthy.

  • Unique mastermind sessions to evaluate and explore best practices for family life.

  • Family Panels on hot-topics for generational wealth and investing.

Family Games

The heart of our camps’s adventure component!

  • 2-Day Outdoor Adventure Challenges.

  • Families team-up to win fun races and solve outdoor scavenger hunts

  • “The Black Pearl Challenge!” – a strategic cardboard boat regatta over the Glorieta Camp Pond that promises to be a crowd favorite

Our Camp

Our camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico is all-inclusive, meaning your accommodations and meals are included in your ticket.

What will you learn at
Foundations Family Camp?

  • How to market, brand & identify target customers

  • Synchronizing values

  • Engage in established best practices

  • How to better coach your family

  • How to make a social media contract

  • Vision cast your kids future selves

  • Growth mindset

  • Business launch pad - how to build a business

  • Problem solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Introduction to real estate for secondary students

  • How to make a pitch

  • How to find your career path and be successful in any industry

  • Make epic memories together

  • Strengthen family bonds

  • Become stronger leader of your home

  •  How to integrate your kids into your family business

  • How to manage life’s hardships and be a guide to your children’s path

  • Harmonizing family journey to achievement

  • Be fully present in your kids lives

  • Show your family you are fully invested in your whole families journey together

  • Find deeper sense of purpose

  • How to be intentional instead of reactionary for your family

Our Schedule

Take a detailed look at our schedule

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-All Accommodation and Meals 

-Youth Entrepreneurship, Adult Interactive Seminars, Family Games

-Everything else! There won’t be any upsells or add ons

Family of 2: $2,500
Family of 3: $3,300
Family of 4: $4,000
Family of 5: $4,500
Family of 6: $5,000
Family of 7: $5,500
If you have a family that is larger than 7, you have paid enough!
The rest of your family is free!

Meet Our Founders


A PNW native, Nate brings a wealth of diversity and expertise from his roles as a business leader, real estate professional, and former summer camp director to the creation of FFC. With a keen eye cultivated through his tenure at Fixated Real Estate and hosting prominent industry events, Nate recognized a common longing among entrepreneurs and executives to integrate family into their professional pursuits, inspiring the vision for FFC as a refined mastermind retreat that captures the essence of summer camp adventure. Outside of his real estate endeavors, you'll find Nate training for triathlons, savoring quality coffee, or exploring park trails with his wife Kate and their beloved Vizsla, Jojo.


A BYU Idaho alumna, Tessa Osborne is the Founder of a K-12 business private school. With a commitment to community service, she serves on the executive board of Junior Achievement, has chaired committees for the Boy Scouts of America, and contributes to "Chair the Hope Organization" to provide wheelchairs globally. Tessa, married to AJ Osborne for 18 years and a mother of four, also engages actively as an investor in commercial real estate and a lead generation company.


Spots are limited are available and are on a first come first serve basis.

If you’re interested in joining Foundations Family Camp, we recommend securing your spot asap!










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